About guy smalley

  Both the MMA Community and the fighters are the reasons why I started to draw my observations of the UFC fights. After 40 years of clients in the advertising industry dictating what I was going to draw each week, I decided, three years ago, to draw what I wanted, which was MMA - the fastest growing sport in the world. Being a wrestler in school years of training in Kyokushin / Seido Karate and kick boxing in the 70s. I have an understanding of the history of the sport and what the fighters go through.
  The feedback from the fighters has been fantastic, with almost 200 fighters illustrated, many of which are autographed. Please be sure to check out the first edition of my Art Book Visual Kiai which is almost sold out.

having a drawing done

First let me say I appreciate every request for my services. People ask me to do free drawings or have unrealistic budgets. I understand as many cartoonists are part time or just starting. I have been a professional illustrator for 44 years this is a serious business to me, thus I wanted to give a broad scope of my basic charge so not to waste your time or mine working up an estimate. 

  UFC Fighters or other pro fighters e-mail me about my limited print program (no cost ) guysmalley@mac.com

  Minimum cost for drawings start at $275 with average being $375 -$575 depending on usage. Logos start at $375. A 50% deposit to start, with a final payment due on approval of final proof. Please email me with an overall description of the project, time frame and contact information, thank you